The new single is out!

We had a killer show at The Starlite Room last weekend. We opened for The Order of Chaos and Daniel Martin & The Infamous. It was truly excellent, from the turnout to the rockin’ bands. We also debuted our newest single, BEAUTY IN AN UGLY PLACE on the radio. Lochlin Cross from Cruz 95.7 FM had us come in for a live performance of the track. BEAUTY will be downloadable on iTunes and Google Play within a day or two. For now, you can listen at Soundcloud.

We also welcomed bassist Kevin Kasper to our family this weekend at the show!

Find us on Spotify and add us to your favourites! We love you, and can’t wait to see you live.

Hugs and stuff,


This is our new website, featuring updated blogs, and everything else you need to keep up with the band!

Looking to 2018…

2017 was a quiet year for the band. Mostly spent writing and doing preparations for our upcoming debut album. We decided to not do any shows for the year, because we felt having a product to promote was the most important goal.

We are looking to 2018 with lofty goals in mind. We have two new tracks coming in the first part of the year. BEAUTY IN AN UGLY PLACE and OVER. These will lead up into our full length album recording.

We cant do any of this without our fans and band family. It can be difficult to finance recordings. We will start participating in more live performances this year to help bankroll the recordings.

We would like to thank a few people for all they do for us!

Mike Brazeau has been a phenom on bass for our live shows and in the studio. The man truly does it all.

Stew Kirkwood for helping us achieve our goals on every song we have done to this day. He’ll get the best out of a musician every time.

Lochlin Cross, James P. White, and Grant Johnson at 95.7 Cruz FM in Edmonton. These guys are always in our corner, promoting our tune MEMPHIS. Not to mention, they’re super fun to hang with. You can check out Lochlin’s harmonica skills on the song too!

Lise Fielding from Kool 101.3 FM in Bonnyville. You gave us lots of opportunities and support last year. It’s always a pleasure to come chill with you in Bonnyville!

The boys from The Awesome Hour podcast – your show is a blast, and we cant wait to come back on.

Jason and Fred from Indie Rock Radio, as well as comedian Lars Callieou at CJSR 88.5 FM for featuring our music in the last few months. You guys rock!

Thanks for continuing to dig our tunes and request us on radio. Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Let’s get this album done!